What we do change people's lives

We are a team of highly motivated personalities driven by ambition and vision. A team of genuinely kind hearted people who creates a positive real estate experience to our clients.

By becoming a member of our team, you become part of the biggest network of professional salespersons who help shape the real estate industry in Cebu, Philippines. 

We are dedicated to build a business that works for you.

1. We help build real estate businesses.

Creating real estate businesses is our business. What we have is an opportunity for you to have a career in marketing, selling, brokerage and property management that will lead you to creating your own real estate brokerage firm. This is your business, you are your own boss. We will provide you with real estate tools, a business plan, a personality development training as you transition from an employee status to the new business person that you will become.

2. Open to network career opportunities.

The future of every teammate is important to us. With us you will appreciate the value of growing your own network. What we have is a business that works for you even after retirement. We highly encourage that you get out of your comfort zone, to meet and greet people, make connections, rebuild friendships and create a network that will bring in more money for you. Here, every handshake is an opportunity, every question is a point of sale and an objection is a bright light that paves the way to a new and exciting business venture.

3. We're connected.

We are reaching the global market and we have to stay globally competitive. The e35-AOS platform is an online tool for every member to enjoy and stay updated with the current market events. Everyone in our team is computer and internet literate. We provide online marketing trainings, online marketing strategies and techniques that will equip you in your selling efforts.

4. We help you discover your own potential.

We welcome skills and talents with open arms. We believe that every teammate is unique and talented and we will use that uniqueness to your own advantage. In real estate, reinvention is crucial. You will reinvent yourself when you are with us. You will discover skills you thought you never had. Soon you will be surprised at what you can do, or how far you have accomplished as long as you allow yourself to stay focus and be hard-headedly determined to reach your goals.

5. We know how to have fun.

We are not an "all about sales figures" team. We reward ourselves with playtime that will boost each other's energy and excitement to do even better. Family time is important to us. We do not measure success on how fat is your savings account, we measure success on how well you balanced your business, your family life, your love life and your spiritual being.

You are a winner if you have finished reading this article! Congratulations!

Need to know more? Bring a friend along if you need to (so you will not feel "out of place") or if you are happy to see this great opportunity for yourself first, you are invited to a Basic Orientation Course held every Saturday, 2:00pm, at Land Asia Realty Corporate Office. We are located at Geson Building (Beside Ramos Public Market), D. Jakosalem Street, Cebu City.

Better give us a call at 511-6890 or send us an SMS 0908-883-7790 for directions and seat reservation.

I will definitely see you there!

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